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[Textile industry digital upgrade!]
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Textile industry digital upgrade!

In recent years, the industrial Internet and other new generation of information technology, is helping the textile industry to digital, intelligent transformation and upgrading.

As a labor-intensive industry, textile companies are looking forward to a deeper embrace of the digital economy.

Intelligent textile products are a research and development field integrating traditional textile technology, artificial intelligence, physical chemistry and other basic disciplines. In recent years, with the progress of micro-electronic technology, computer and network technology, a large number of primary intelligent textile products have left people's lives, and the textile industry has also shared the industrial dividends brought by new technology and high technology.

Binzhou Hengfeng Chemical Fiber Products Co., Ltd.registered trademark "Hengfeng", the main products include: high strength polypropylene filament yarn, polypropylene color silk; Ships and Marine rope lines; Safety protection, climbing, fire rescue escape rope; Aerospace and military equipment ropes; Chemical fiber mesh, sling series products.

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