Three strands、Braided rope、Eight and twelve cable、Ultra high molecular weight、polyethylene three shares, eight shares and twelve cable、Kevlar three shares, eight shares and twelve shares of cable、Polyester and polyolefin three, eight and twelve cable、Maritime maritime double cable、Flame retardant safety rope、High performance electric traction rope、Static rope (industrial rope / hoisting rope)、Power climbing rope、Ultra high strength winch soft cable、Yacht rope、Sailing rope、Umbrella rope、Floating lifesaving rope、High-strength、polypropylene fiber、Chemical fiber network equipment

Binzhou Hengtai Chemical Fabric Co., Ltd., located at Lizhuang Town, Binzhou City. 90km from Yaoqiang International airport of Jinan City, 300km from Qingdao Port and Beijing; geographical position is superior and convenient for transportation of goods.


Registered brand ‘HengFeng’ main products are high strength PP yarn, color PP yarn,marine working mooring ropes, safety protection rope, climbing rope, fire rescue escape rope,aerospace and military equipment rope, chemical fiber nets, slings for lifting loads; Hengtai company has national advanced PP yarn spinning machine, rope making machine for three, eight and twelve strands, braiding machine, rope testing machne; with leading technology and enormous potentiality, Hengtai products kinds are variety and specification complete, we can provide samples according to customers’ technical drawings.


The company in line with the enterprise policy of "pragmatic & innovation" and business purpose of "cutomer first, quality first", we aimed to provide quality products and services  to our customers wholeheartedly.


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