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[Hengfeng analyzes the thermal properties of aramid ropes for you!]
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Hengfeng analyzes the thermal properties of aramid ropes for you!

1. The effect of high temperature on expansion rate

Increasing the temperature will reduce the modulus, tensile strength and elongation at break of the aramid rope. This factor should be taken into consideration during long-term use at a temperature of 149℃-177℃ or higher.

2. The influence of high temperature on scale stability

When exposed to hot air or hot water, the aramid rope will not shrink like other organic fibers. Most other fibers shrink irreversibly. The thermal expansion coefficient of the aramid rope in the axial direction is very small and negative.

3. The influence of low temperature (ultra-cold) conditions

When exposed to minus 46°C, the strength and elongation performance of the aramid rope will not be negatively affected, and there will be no embrittlement or degradation at a temperature of minus 196°C.

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