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Analysis of the development space of the industrial textile industry!

Industrial textiles are an important part of the new material industry. They are not only widely used in civilian production, but also play an important role in national strategic security. They have become medical and health, safety protection, environmental protection, infrastructure construction, new energy, aviation The strategic support force of aerospace, national defense and military industries, with active technological innovation and high added value of products, has always been an industry that focuses on supporting and encouraging development.

The industrial textile industry has become one of the more dynamic fields in the industrial system, and there is still huge room for future development.

The registered trademark of Binzhou Hengfeng Chemical Fiber Products Co., Ltd. is "Hengfeng". The main products include: high-strength polypropylene filament, polypropylene colored yarn; ships, maritime and offshore ropes; safety protection, rock climbing, mountaineering, fire and rescue escape ropes; aerospace, military Equipment rope; chemical fiber nets, spreaders series products.

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