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[Textile industry operation pressure!]
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The first three quarters of the textile industry economic operation continued pressure!

Since 2022, due to the complex and severe macro situation at home and abroad and multiple factors exceeding expectations, the pressure on both sides of supply and demand in the textile industry has been superimposed, and the economic operation has been slowing down.

However, since the third quarter, with the implementation of the national economic stability package policies and subsequent policy measures, the operating environment of the textile industry tends to be stable, and the domestic market gradually improves.

Looking ahead to the fourth quarter and 2023, various uncertainties and destabilizing factors still exist, and development pressure is still prominent.

The textile industry will continue to deepen structural adjustment, accelerate transformation and upgrading, steadily release development resilience and risk resistance, and strive to promote high-quality development of the industry under complex circumstances to achieve new results.

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