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[Textile industry blockchain application!]
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The textile industry promotes the application of blockchain technology!

The application of blockchain technology in the textile industry is still in its infancy. To successfully achieve integrated development, it is crucial to grasp the characteristics of the textile industry and meet the industrialization needs of enterprises.

It is necessary to learn from the experience of other industries such as finance, which is a step ahead, prioritize, implement step-by-step, and in-depth promotion of applications; also analyze the commonality and differences of industry applications, implement them into specific application areas, and do not blindly copy some ready-made implementations Program.

Binzhou Hengfeng Chemical Fiber Products Co., Ltd. has a registered trademark of "Hengfeng". Its main products include: high-strength polypropylene filament, polypropylene colored yarn; ships, marine and marine engineering ropes; safety protection, rock climbing, fire rescue and escape ropes; aerospace, military Equipment ropes; chemical fiber nets, spreaders series products.

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